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Galicia: Salt of the Earth, Fruit of the Sea

The bond of the people of Galicia to their ocean is complete. The coast is punctuated by rias or fjords - fingers of the ocean reaching deep into the land, delivering the riches of the sea virtually to their doorsteps of Galician homes.

A large bearded Gallego fisherman named Gaspar told my sons that it was not that long ago that the water was blackened by schools of fish. With a twinkle in his eye he bragged that he once caught a school of sardines in his swim trunks. Today, shellfish are at fraction of historical highs.

My sons Tim and Jonathan met Gaspar in the fishing village of Carril located on one of the Rias. The town is the site of Los Peperetes, the premium tinned shellfish of Spain. Their tiny plant is called Jelopa, named by the founder for his oldest son, Jesus Lorenzo Paz. It sits right on the waterfront. See full english article...

Spanish Article


Galicia: Salt of the Earth, Fruit of the Sea

Los fuertes lazos del pueblo gallego con la mar son incuestionables. La costa se halla salpicada de rías – brazos de mar que penetran en la tierra. Las aguas del océano Atlántico y el mar Cantábrico rebosan de vida acuática que prácticamente les llega servida a la puerta de casa.

Gaspar, un gallego de gran estatura y con barba, les dijo a mis hijos que no hacía mucho los bancos de peces teñían las aguas de negro. Con ojos brillantes presumía de que una vez capturó un banco de peces con su bañador. Hoy en día, la cantidad de pesca y marisco es una pequeña fracción de lo que siempre había sido. See full spanish article...

Discussion Questions


  1. Where is Finisterra and why does it have this name?
  2. Don describes the young men of the village of San Andres de Texeido as “maritime matadors” as they battled the sea to harvest the precious goose barnacles from the rocks. Can you describe to a partner how the barnacles are harvested in your own words? Alternately, see if you can act it out with a group of 3-4 classmates using no words at all.
  3. Have you ever harvested your own food?  

Extension Activity


Sample some of the Galician bread which is made, partly cooked and then flash-frozen in Galicia to be delivered to La Tienda. How does this bread compare to the bread you usually eat?

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