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Chocolate & Spain: A Passionate History

It is not that I think Cupid should be playing castanets, but I do know that it is due to Christopher Columbus and Hernán Cortés that you can give a gift of chocolate to your loved one this St Valentines Day.

Spaniards have been enthralled with chocolate since 1544. It was then that Dominican friars, accompanied by Mayans from Guatemala, presented containers of ready to drink frothed chocolate to young Prince Philip, soon to be Philip II. He and his entourage were enchanted. See full english article...

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Chocolate & Spain: A Passionate History

No es que crea que Cupido debiera tocar las castañuelas, pero el que podamos regalar bombones a la persona amada el próximo día de San Valentín, se lo debemos a Cristóbal Colón y Hernán Cortés.

Desde 1544, los españoles siempre se han sentido seducidos por el chocolate. Fue ése el año en que unos frailes dominicos acompañados por mayas guatemaltecos le ofrecieron recipientes de espumante chocolate líquido al joven príncipe Felipe, que poco después se convertiría en Felipe II. Él y toda su corte quedaron cautivados. See full spanish article...

Discussion Questions


  1. Cacao is indigenous to the New World and is the bean from which chocolate is made. A great consumer of chocolate was Montezuma: who was he and why is he important to the story?
  2. How did Philip II of Spain come to learn about chocolate?
  3. What does it mean to be “fasting”?
  4. Why did it matter to Philip II whether the Catholic Church determined that chocolate was a beverage or a food?
  5. If there were 130,000 people and 350 tons of chocolate in warehouses and stores, how many pounds could be distributed equally to each person? (Hint there are 2,000 pounds in a ton)
  6. What is a chocolateria?
  7. How has chocolate been used by the military? For Spanish soldiers? For U.S. soldiers?

Extension Activity

Sample some chocolate or Chocolate a Taza from La Tienda – do you think it is a drink or a food? Why?

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