Hablo Images

We hope you'll enjoy these thought-provoking images from modern Spain, which have been hand-selected from the Harris Family's personal collection at La Tienda.com. Each of the Hablo images will resonate with the individual viewer in a different way and the collection of images may be used in a variety of creative manners.

Simply scroll through the images and consider applications for stimulating conversation in a Spanish-language class, inspiring creative writing in an English class, and/ or provoking analyses of regional differences in a World Geography class.

Spanish-Language Class:

The Hablo Images can be used to help students develop an enhanced cultural understanding through the viewing of authentic Spanish places, people and settings. The educator could display a single image, and then as a whole class or in small groups, ask students to take turns describing in Spanish, what they think the scene is about, what the people in the image may be discussing or feeling, and to describe in their own words, the various attributes of the image. Further extensions could involve a written or oral comparison of two contrasting images, making connections to their own experiences as students and launching into a research-based project from the event, region or scene portrayed. Students could also extrapolate what happened just before the image was captured, or just after, and then act out the scene in a small group activity.

Creative Writing Class:

The Hablo Images can also be used to stimulate creative writing for students of all ages, and all cultural backgrounds. Using the image as a launching point, students could apply studies of poetry and essay writing. For classrooms with ESOL students, for instance, having cultural images from outside of the U.S. fosters feelings of inclusiveness and promotes cultural dialogue.

World Geography Class:

For the World Geography Class, the images will open up students' perspectives to a culture other than their own. Regional differences can be examined, explored and compared/ contrasted with images from other countries from around the world.

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Seville Feria Admiring Mother